Power BI report update failure
Troubleshooting a Power BI report update failure
04 Jul 2019

Working with one of our customers, I discovered that the reports include outdated data. I started digging deep into this issue and discovered several reports that were not refreshed. The problem First of all, I figured out that the Power BI administrators don’t know when an automatic refresh fails using the gateway. This leads to a situation when the analyst provides a report based on old data without knowing the report was not updated. So, the developers and administrators are […]

Power BI Premium limit
Reaching the limit with Power BI Premium resources
02 Jul 2019

One of our enterprise-level customers reached the Power BI capacity limit on dedicated cloud computing and storage resources. They already owned the Power BI Premium licensing package and didn’t want to spend more money to buy additional resources. What to do when reaching your Power BI Premium limit Reaching the resource capacity limit in Power BI may lead to serious consequences. Data models using this service will fail when refreshing through the gateway. The business will not get new data, causing […]

DevOps and Test Automation: Docker saves the day!
27 Jun 2019

Subject/Title: DevOps and Test Automation: Docker saves the day! Type of Content: A blog post that covers the DB Best experience with Docker (based on the Cassandra to DynamoDB migration project). Target audience: Developers (candidates to join DB Best), IT professionals, potential customers. Summary of Content: Deep technical dive into our projects. Introduction Migrating from Cassandra to DynamoDB, we needed to run multiple tests. We faced a problem with setting up the test environment. It took a lot of time […]

The DD Best blog post cover
Top 10 misleading ideas that don’t work in application development
27 Jun 2019

Subject/Title: Top 10 misleading ideas that don’t work in application development Type of Content: A blog post that covers the DB Best expertise in application development. Based on the real customer’s stories. Target audience: Potential clients, startups, business owners, not highly technical people, who actually value their time and money and want to get the result. Summary of Content: Our goal is to showcase our rich experience with application development. Basically, we say that we’ve seen it all, and here’s the […]

convert SQL Server Standard edition to Developer Edition
How to convert a development server running SQL Server Standard or Enterprise edition to Developer edition
24 Jun 2019

I recently had a client using SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition on three of their development servers. However, SQL Server 2012 has a developer edition that is specifically designed for development servers. More importantly, our client has free SQL Server 2012 Developer edition licenses as part of the paid SQL Server Standard Editon purchase. The problem Our customer decided to convert their Standard Edition to the Developer Edition so they could save big bucks. However, the conversion process can be […]

remove the Management Data Warehouse from SQL Server
How to remove the Management Data Warehouse from SQL Server running on a production instance
24 Jun 2019

One of our customers had their Management Data Warehouse (MDW) running on their production SQL Server 2012 and didn’t know what to do with it. Microsoft had introduced the MDW with SQL Server in 2008. However, there was a bug in SQL Server 2012 that prevented the Query Statistics data collector from working. Rather than trying to fix it, we made the decision to remove it instead. We replaced the MDW with the Open Query Store project, a community supported […]

application upgrade
Upgrade your mobile applications to meet the marketplace requirements in 2019
19 Jun 2019

Apple and Google set new rules for mobile applications on the App Store and Google Play annually. Even if you are not a developer, as a business person whose business is strongly associated with an application or a mobile platform, you should review them. So, let’s see what restrictions and updates we will face within the app market in 2019. It’s all about security The issue of security has everyone abuzz. Globally, users are letting developers know that they want […]

Oracle Forms Converter
Introducing the all-new Oracle Forms Converter
17 Jun 2019

A public sector organization from the US faced a problem with an outdated Oracle Forms-based solution. They had thousands of users but couldn’t keep the existing system running at an optimized quality and usability level. Their first option was to create a completely new web-based application to make their Oracle Forms run on the web. However, we at DB Best came up with a second, more cost-effective option that also saved time. We offered to migrate their Oracle database to […]

schema mapping
Schema mapping in Oracle to SQL Server migrations
12 Jun 2019

When migrating Oracle databases to Microsoft SQL Server, the first problem you will face is mapping Oracle schema to SQL Server. You can hardly underestimate the importance of this architecture-level question because the wrong approach will lead to significant efforts in rewriting the code. The problem In Oracle, the database server contains an Oracle database and an Oracle instance. At the same time, every Oracle database contains schemas. By the way, you can learn more about the Oracle architecture here. […]