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We know how to transform your idea into the perfect web property: easy-to-use, lightweight, and intuitive enough to keep potential customers focused on you and your product. We want to bring the feeling of seamless interaction to your web applications and services by implementing cutting-edge design paradigms such as Fluent Design System and Material Design.

What you’ll get is more than just a site; you’ll get a form of media that lets people communicate, explore, have fun, get smarter, and buy things effortlessly. At DB Best, we focus on everything working together flawlessly.

Development services for various business

Great website design and implementation start with an understanding of our client’s business needs. We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure your website delivers an intuitive and convenient experience for each unique user. That way, we help you achieve stronger business results and strengthen your market positioning.

Employing advanced development and design techniques, our team of web professionals can help you create high-quality, dynamically interactive websites and applications that are compatible across all leading web browsers.

The domains we have been dealing with while developing our web projects include but are not limited to: e-commerce, entertainment, telecom, finance, and healthcare. Being engaged in projects within the medical domain allowed us to become proficient with HIPAA compliance.

For each area, we build a complete ecosystem that allows our customers to focus solely on their businesses and not worry about individual components. We are incredibly proud of our portfolio of successfully completed web projects.

200+ web applications

We developed over 200 successful web applications. See the highlights of our very best projects in this short video.

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Cutting-edge technologies that we use

We work with a wide variety of web application technologies; choosing components suited to your specific business needs in order to create scalable, secure, and fail-proof web apps. At a high level, the two main structural components of a web application are client side and server side. We use two of the most popular leading JavaScript client-side and server-side application frameworks (AngularJS and Node.js ) to deliver peak performance to your apps and websites.

Front-end: We leverage the most modern JavaScript framework, Angular 5, to create agile, responsive, and lightweight single page web apps. Using Angular for data presentation on the front-end, we bring impeccable performance in terms of browser rendering, testing, animation, and accessibility across all components. We use Angular templates which go well beyond the ordinary admin templates using responsive layouts with a vast collection of reusable UI components integrated with the latest jQuery plugins. Moreover, we can create custom layouts that implement any feature you need (custom logic, elements, and design).

Back-end: We create data-intensive real-time applications with Node.js. We use Node.js as a non-blocking web server to drive fast serving of web requests, allowing us to achieve the maximum speed and performance possible on web platforms today. We leverage ASP.NET with ASP.NET Core to achieve the best performance and scale. Depending on the client’s data volume and needs, we can offer the most suitable data operation model. As an example, we’ve stored web content using blob storage, while a huge amount of data is stored in NoSQL databases.

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