migrate oracle to amazon ec2
Save on Licensing Costs and Migrate Oracle to Amazon EC2
04 Jan 2019

How can a world-leading multimedia content producer migrate Oracle to Amazon EC2 with minimal downtime while also reducing licensing costs? In this blog post, we discuss how we saved our customer 28% in Oracle licensing costs, implemented a reliable HA/DR solution, and migrated their immense environment to the AWS cloud with near-zero downtime using Oracle Data Guard.

To better understand the client’s existing infrastructure, requirements, and potential limitations, let’s explore the customer’s environment prior to our successful migration.

Improve SQL Server Performance with Kingston Technologies DC500M Enterprise Solid State Drives
15 Aug 2019

DB Best Technologies recently partnered with Kingston Technologies to demonstrate SQL Server 2017 with 8 virtual cores (vCores) and  Kingston Technologies DC500M Enterprise Solid State Drives (SSD) runs faster than SQL Server 2008 R2 with 16 vCores using hard drives (HDD). We typically find when we work with customers looking to upgrade their SQL Server 2008 servers to newer versions of SQL Server that these systems are using HDD drives for data, log, and tempdb. Based on prior benchmarking we’ve […]

Detailed data comparison
Detailed data comparison with Database Compare Suite
13 Aug 2019

We continue our blog post series that cover the key Database Compare Suite features. In our previous blog post, we talked about validating data migration. We discovered that several tables are different. Now, we want to see the exact data differences. Check out our video to see how simple this is with Database Compare Suite. As you can see, Database Compare Suite allows for identifying data differences in 2 tables. Using the detailed data comparison operation, you can discover the […]

Troubleshooting SQL Server performance issues: improving the speed of capturing the existing statistics
09 Aug 2019

In our previous blog post, we talked about the general approach to tuning up SQL Serve performance. In this particular blog post, we will show how we improved the speed of capturing the existing statistics. The challenge One challenge, in particular, dealt with capturing the existing statistics in the form of a STATS_STREAM and save it into a usable ALTER STATISTICS statement. The STATS_STREAM returned by running the following statement is in binary format: DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS (N’table.name’, stats_name) WITH STATS_STREAM,NO_INFOMSGS […]

Convert Oracle sequences
Converting Oracle sequences to Microsoft SQL Server
07 Aug 2019

In Oracle, you can use a combination of a trigger and sequence to generate unique values for the key columns. However, when migrating your Oracle database to Microsoft SQL Server, you need to find the right path to convert this construction. This is an architecture-level decision, so you need to approach it at the very beginning of your migration project. Otherwise, you will need to recreate tables, reload data and recreate backups, and even rewrite code that relates to these tables.
Read this blog post to discover our proven solution to Oracle sequences conversion.

SQL Server statistics update
Improve SQL Server statistics update 1000 times faster than traditional approaches
30 Jul 2019

One of the customers contacted DB Best to help address performance issues with their SQL Server application. They started experiencing problems after upgrading from SQL Server 2008 R2 up to SQL Server 2016. However, after we analyzed their database system, we discovered a complex issue with updating SQL Server statistics. The Query Optimizer uses these statistics to create an execution plan for each query. Specifically, the time to update statistics was taking longer than the planned maintenance window for their production […]

Cleaning up a disorganized SQL Server for informed business decisions
24 Jul 2019

For quite a period of time, our customer was using a SQL Server database that at the long last became disorganized and fairly difficult to arrange. The difficulties with finding and retrieving the right data negatively influenced their performance. In addition, their server was storing duplicating views and tables that utilized space. The problem Our customer considered hiring several data analysts to reinforce their team. However, extra people in the team couldn’t address the challenge for they weren’t aware of […]

Why you should never stop application development?
19 Jul 2019

The application development lifecycle has 6 proven stages that lead to the application’s release. In reality, the development process never ends with the initial release. There are always brighter ideas, new features, and enhancements that take you back into the development phase. Later, these ideas become the 2.0 version of your application. That’s what we call the “ongoing development process”. Get better with each release None of the market leaders such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb or Uber started with the functionality they […]

Data comparison
Comparing data in your databases using DB Best Database Compare Suite
09 Jul 2019

Subject/Title: Data comparison — regular and detailed / Comparing data in your databases using DB Best Database Compare Suite Type of Content: A blog post that starts a series of articles that cover the key features of the DB Best Database Compare Suite. Target audience: Database Administrators, Database Developers, IT professionals (candidates to join DB Best). Summary of Content: Highlight one of the Database Compare Suite features. I plan to publish these blog posts on a weekly basis. We start […]

Oracle Forms SQL statements
How to run SQL statements after migrating from Oracle Forms to web applications
08 Jul 2019

At DB Best, we’ve helped several customers move away from Oracle Forms to a modern web-based solution. To accomplish this, developed a totally new Oracle Forms Converter. This tool allows for automating the migration of your Oracle Forms to web single page applications.  In this blog post, I’ll talk about making SQL statements from Oracle Forms compatible with your new application. The problem Oracle Forms run different queries and execute SQL statements directly at the connected Oracle Database. These SQL statements are […]

naming convention
Defining a naming convention in Oracle to SQL Server migrations
04 Jul 2019

When migrating Oracle databases to Microsoft SQL Server, you need to define a naming convention for the conversion of packaged procedures and functions. This step is as important as setting the schema mapping and data type mapping. This is an architecture-level decision that you should make at the very beginning of your migration project. Now, we will talk about the importance of this decision and the possible issues it may cause. The problem By default, SQL Server Migrating Assistant (SSMA) […]