Blog: Innovation in Loyalty Programs: Augmented Reality Mobile Application for Discount Offers

People enjoy the money-saving rewards of discount offers. On top of that, people enjoy the fun of playing games. With Reward Hunter from the DB Best app development team, mobile phone users can get the best of both worlds. At DB Best, we’ve combined these two activities into one augmented reality mobile application that can engage users and help you grow your business.

This fun new application, called Reward Hunter, comes in an “out of the box” version for use on either iOS or Android mobile phones. Reward Hunter can also be customized for your business, for a unique user experience to help build your company’s brand.

Reward Hunter Header New

Reward Hunter is a brand new way for your customer to obtain and enjoy discounts, bonuses and rewards. Developed by DB Best, this new augmented reality mobile app can quickly and easily enhance your sales and customer loyalty business programs. Watch the following demonstration video to see how it works.

Like what you see? DB Best can work with your company to create similar Reward Hunter applications for your business in a very short time frame. Contact us now to learn how we can quickly and cost effectively tailor this app for your business.

Read below for more details on how Reward Hunter works.

A win-win strategy

As a cool augmented reality (AR) experience similar to the legendary Pokémon Go game, coupled with real-life prizes and bonuses, this new app provides a win-win strategy for businesses like yours and for the app users. Users become involved and invested in the interactive augmented reality game, where they can collect bonuses or discounts by completing a few simple tasks. Your business can use this app to attract the user’s attention, provide discounts, promote new locations, and simply advertise products – and most of all, to increase sales and grow your business.

Personalize it!

Still wondering how you can use this new mobile app to promote your own business? Experts at DB Best can quickly and easily customize the off-the-shelf version to match your company’s own brand identity and style. Also, the gameplay (bonuses, discounts and AR features) can be personalized based on your business plan. The Android version of Reward Hunter can be customized and made production-ready in one month’s time, and the iOS version can be tailored to your business in just two or three weeks’ time! Then, with your own customized mobile app, you can potentially reach millions of smartphone users and engage them with gamified campaigns designed to drive interaction in a way that’s fun and easy.

Technical implementation

Let’s explore the Reward Hunter application from a technical point of view. Essentially, this app consists of two parts: hunting mode and gaming mode. The application structure is displayed in the picture below:

App structure

In hunting mode, the user can see details about their collected bonuses as well as nearby virtual points of interest on the map. As the user approaches any virtual points of interest, the app switches to augmented reality gaming mode. Here, the user is prompted to perform various digital gaming actions in order to win bonuses. In the example shown here, the user is invited to break open the wooden chest using a virtual hammer. These virtual objects, as well as virtual points of interest built into the app, can vary according to your suggestions.


One of the gaming mode’s main functions is to track the virtual objects using augmented reality. This mode combines the live picture from the smartphone’s camera with the augmented reality 3D scene. The CoreMotion framework is used for tracking the smartphone’s position in iOS. One of the cool features of this app is that if the user moves around the virtual AR object in reality, they can explore it from all sides (we use 3D models for these objects).

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Welcome to the world of outdoor quests with augmented reality features! With Reward Hunter from DB Best, you don’t need to develop the application from scratch. This means you can go from idea to production in just a matter of weeks. Place your location markers on the discount offer map now, and then you can easily access users in selected areas with Reward Hunter!

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