Blog: Database Compare Suite 4.12 update brings some important improvements

We’re happy to announce the latest release of Database Compare Suite 4.12. This new version brings several important improvements and bug fixes, including:

Database Compare Suite 4.12

Continue reading to learn more about the ultimate DBA tool and discover all of the major improvements implemented in this latest application release.

Improving the User Interface in Database Compare Suite 4.12

The ‘Schema comparison’ operation window now includes a special tab to display the SQL code of compared objects. This option significantly simplifies the line-by-line SQL code comparison.

To make the code comparison even more efficient, we added several checkboxes below the SQL code text fields. This means that you can ignore multiple spaces or empty lines in the SQL code, opt for case sensitive comparison, and make the system characters visible.


Also included in this latest version of Database Compare Suite is the ability to specify the mappings for columns and parameters. To do so, you need to go to the Settings — Type Mapping option in the menu. Here, you can select the appropriate tab (Columns or Parameters). Please note that this operation is supported only in manual mode.

Increasing the Application’s Performance

The Fast Data Comparison operation is very popular among those who work with very large amounts of data. This operation allows users to compare the hash values of tables, delivering results in just a blink of an eye. However, now it can work even faster. Simply compare the row count to discover whether the tables have an equal number of rows or not. To use it, check the ‘Compare only row count’ option in the fast data comparison options window.


Disclaimer: you can’t use this operation to validate data migrations because it doesn’t compare data, just row count.

In addition, Database Compare Suite 4.12 brings the support of LDAP authentication for Teradata data warehouses.


So, now you can select between Standard Server Authentication and LDAP Authentication in the connection dialog box.

Functional Innovations

Comparing floating point numbers can always bring some confusion to the results. In the latest Database Compare Suite release, we convert all floating point numbers to canonical exponential form before rounding them. This allows for minimizing the comparison errors.

Another improvement brings the ability to ignore the ‘Column ordinals’ property in the schema comparison results.


Summing up, the latest version of Database Compare Suite supports 14 various database platforms. Database Compare Suite 4.12 should be considered a valuable and helpful tool for all DBAs and developers who manage multiple database instances. 


You can download the free trial version of the application from the Database Compare Suite page.