Blog: Database Compare Suite update 4.3 — MySQL support and other features

dbcompare suite main
We’re excited to bring you yet another update of the Database Compare Suite tool which adds several major features such as MySQL database dialect support, ODBC support, settings comparison, along with other notable improvements.

With this update, the user is now able to operate on six database dialects: SQL Azure, IBM DB2, Oracle, Sybase ASE, SQL Server, and now MySQL.


The settings comparison feature brings a new comparison operation which can check server or database settings of two MS SQL Servers. They can be compared by numerous values like functions, properties, OS dynamics, etc.


Comparing two servers based on Operating System Dynamic


We have also improved Schema Comparison: now metadata categories that have been made invalid by one of the compared databases will not be displayed to the user.

Further enhancements are improved data operations performance in the console mode, support of large numeric values in data operations, the possibility to save operation scope in a project, and the updated help manual.

The Database Compare Suite tool is our ultimate solution dedicated to database administrators and developers for comparing and synchronizing schemas and data along with numerous migration possibilities between homogeneous and heterogeneous database environments.

Download our free trial with no string attached on the Database Compare Suite page.