Blog: Database migration with AWS SCT: How to handle typical conversion issues series

Welcome to our blog post series covering the typical conversion issues of AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). DBBest team has a vast experience in database migration area. So, we decided to start the blog post series covering the most common conversion issues of AWS SCT. Each blog post will be devoted to a certain action item and will provide specific solution or a workaround for a problem.

Below you can find the table of contents for blog posts, related to the typical AWS SCT conversion issues. We will update the list in this post for new SCT issues posts. For regular users of SCT feel free to bookmark this post to keep an eye out for new tips!

You may use an AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) during your database migration projects to automate the conversion process. SCT performs a huge part of code conversion automatically, but your source code may still include some problem areas that may cause some sort of issues, needed to be resolved manually. In this case, SCT generates the corresponding action item and provides there some general recommendations on how you can address this current issue.

Exploring the action items

To explore the action items, occurred in your conversion project, select View — Assessment Report View. Then switch to the Action Items tab.

AWS SCR assessment report view

While AWS SCT serves as a great aid, you are likely to have many quesitons and issues during your migration project. Make sure to check out our new AWS Schema Conversion Tool Jumpstart offer to get you up and running fast for your database migration projects.