Blog: Database migration with SSMA: How to handle typical conversion errors

Welcome to our blog post series covering the typical conversion errors of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA). DB Best has a vast experience in database migration, so, we constantly encounter these errors and found the solutions for most of them. We will devote one blog post per common error message that may occur during database migration with SSMA. Each blog post contains a problem statement and our recommendation on how to fix it correctly.

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Below you can find the table of contents for blog posts, related to the typical SSMA conversion errors. We will update the list in this post for new SSMA error posts. For regular users of SSMA, feel free to bookmark this post to keep an eye out for new tips!

Conversion errors in SSMA

You may use an SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for your database migration projects to automate the conversion process. Usually SSMA automatically converts the major part of the source code. But still, your code may cause some sort of errors, needed to be resolved manually. In this case, SSMA generates corresponding error or warning messages, displays them on the screen and adds as the comment to the converted code.

So, to explore the error and warning messages, occurred in your conversion project, just check the bottom part of the application window.

database migration with ssma - conversion error

Therefore, SSMA doesn’t provide any suggestions on how you may address the certain error or warning. However, the application estimates the time, required to complete the conversion manually.

If you’re using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) in your database migration projects, be sure to check the relevant blog post.