Blog: Detailed data comparison with Database Compare Suite

We continue our blog post series that cover the key Database Compare Suite features. In our previous blog post, we talked about validating data migration. We discovered that several tables are different. Now, we want to see the exact data differences. Check out our video to see how simple this is with Database Compare Suite.

As you can see, Database Compare Suite allows for identifying data differences in 2 tables. Using the detailed data comparison operation, you can discover the exact data differences row by row. Also, you can easily navigate through the different data values. This helps figure out how you should address data differences. Basically, you can migrate the whole table or simply synchronize data. Lucky enough, you can perform all these actions using Database Compare Suite. But, that’s a topic for our future blog posts.

In our next Database Compare Suite blog post, we will demonstrate how to use our fast data comparison feature. It allows for quickly discovering whether huge tables are equal or not.

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