Blog: Developing mobile applications to shape the brighter future

Staying on the cutting edge of modern technologies, DB Best application development team constantly strive to offer the best solutions for our customers. Simply watch the following video to see the examples of some cool features we can add to your business app be it a cinema house, a shopping mall or any other place, crowded with people.

Let’s take a look at the impressive list of technologies that made the creation of this mobile application possible.

Bluetooth LE tags

All modern smartphones support Bluetooth, so, you will never face the compatibility problem. When using the Low Energy Bluetooth standard, you can be sure that it won’t affect the smartphone’s standby time. Moreover, you should recharge your Bluetooth-transmitters once in every 2 years! Wish your smartphone could have such an impressive standby time.

Bluetooth LE Tag 2

DB Best uses their own branded ultra-compact Bluetooth LE tags to build IoT applications. This allows us to attach Bluetooth tags for transmitting data from literally any object straight into your mobile device.

Also, Bluetooth tags allow for better-targeted advertising and offers. For instance, users can see the suggestions on dining and entertainment options available nearby.

See how we have already implemented the support of Bluetooth sensors in an interactive event application.

Face Tracking

Using the front smartphone’s camera enables us to track the movements of the user’s face. The face tracking technology significantly simplifies the application control by making it smart, contactless and more intuitive. We can use it to develop safe application interfaces for drivers, for example.

Find more interesting implementation options from this story. Keep in mind that we use the built-in functions of iOS or Android to bring the basic mobile face tracking technology to your mobile application. Thus, this intelligent feature works blazing fast.

Neural networks

The more advanced facial detection technology uses the neural network for face detection. Implementing this feature, we can build much more complex applications that could even identify users, recognizing their faces.

We can use either an already trained neural network to identify the user, or develop and train one independently. Creating a neural network from scratch may require some time and computing resources, but in this case, we are free to use it to solve practically any task.

We can use this technology, based on the neural networks, to ensure the security of wireless payments or to grant access, for example.

Wireless payment

Talking about wireless payments, we should admit they are a secure, fast, and convenient solution. We have got hands-on experience in integrating Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, and even Asia’s specific econtext online payment service to mobile applications.

By combining the user’s face recognition technology alongside with fingerprint, retina or iris scanning we can ensure compliance with the highest security standards for wireless payments.

Wearable tech integration

We can bring the most valuable notifications from the application to the screen of your Apple watch! This app displays notifications before the movie starts, directs users to the right hall and delivers the discount offers.

Also, we can integrate your application with any third party devices or even services, not only smartwatches.

Application structure

Let’s discover how we have managed to unite this variety of technologies into this amazing cinema house mobile application.


The application uses smartphone’s Bluetooth module to receive the information from the Bluetooth tags. When the app connects to the Bluetooth tag and receives the code from it, it uses the AFNetworking framework to connect to the remote server and download the data about the movie times. Then the app uses a special algorithm based on the user’s preferences to pick the best available tickets.

We use the face detection technology to determine when the user blinks to confirm the tickets selection. After that we’ve added the Apple Pay to conduct the secure payment, confirming it with a fingerprint scanner.

We can do this application even more amazing. Imagine what if you could discover your friends who are also visiting a movie right now? Wouldn’t it bee cool if you could hook up with them, just like in a Foursquare app?

Just imagine how we can use such a great variety of skills and technologies to build an application of your dream!