Blog: Break the Silence — Try Emojitones for Sound Messaging!

Emojitones application

Communication remains a very important part of our daily life. Smartphones’ usage growth allows you to stay in touch with your friends on the go. Many chat applications have already made their name in the market, for instance Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Nonetheless a new solution can certainly break through and find its place in the sun. Especially when it comes with some really cool and innovative features.

We proudly present Emojitones, the first ever sound-based messenger in the world, developed by DB Best team. This awesome chat application delivers an unprecedented messaging experience using emojis with hilarious sounds in your chats. So now you can really bring messaging to life and stop chatting in silence.

Check out the following video to learn more about the outstanding Emojitones application.

Continue reading to learn more about this great application.

Application features

The basic features of any chat application include user’s registration and 2 users chat. With Emojitones we went ahead and added some advanced features such as group chats, contacts integration, files sharing and implemented over 700 emojis with hilarious sounds.

DB Best released the latest version of Emojitones in December 2016. It brings the brand new look with the redesigned interface, and Facebook integration. We’ve simplified the registration process, so now it’s really easy to log in and start sound messaging with your friends. The application automatically uploads the list of available friends from your contacts, so make sure to provide the relevant permissions to the app.

But still, the sound emojis (we call them emojitones) remain the most important feature of this application. Emoji sounds are being automatically played when a user sends out or receives a message. The application includes over 700 emojitones, located in various theme galleries. Emojitones team are constantly updating the emoji galleries. You can use some of these galleries right away, and can access others by purchasing or unlocking them. You simply need to invite someone to unlock a new emojitones gallery.

Application structure

DB Best developed numerous chat applications based on various software solutions. And now we can simply choose the best one for each particular task. Our developers know pretty much everything about building powerful messengers and embedding chat solutions into various applications.

chat application structure

Typically, the open-source XMPP protocol lies at the heart of any messaging application. We can use either a simple Openfire chat solution or go for a more complex ejabberd server.

The first one bases on the Java platform and can be easily implemented. It’s an optimal pick for an embedded chat solution in such applications as Pikaba or Momdezvous, where internal messaging is a secondary option (not the main one).

On the other hand, the ejabberd server proved to be the best possible choice for specialized chat applications with the heavy messaging load. It brings much more features to the messaging application, but you have to consider that it’s based on a much harder Erlang programming language. Despite those difficulties, we decided to use the ejabberd server in the Emojitones application to implement the instant messaging feature and deliver the very best result for the application users.

Using the aSmack library we’ve developed our own framework. It brings a greater functionality, and we can easily customize it and then implement in various projects.

Users love sharing files in messengers. Thus, file sharing becomes an important feature of this application. We’ve used the Azure Blob to store data objects and the AZS Client framework to upload and download files.

As a part of the development project, we deployed the AngularJS admin panel. Here the application administrators can block users that have been reported and add new emojis to the application.

Give it a try!

Ready to break the silence? Download the cross-platform Emojitones application absolutely free from App Store. No wonder Emojitones became the fastest growing text messaging app with sounds. And it keeps growing as more and more sound emojis are being added. As a teaser we’ll just leave this here: in future versions Emojitones users will be able to add sounds to emojis themselves!

Considering developing a chat application? Please contact DB Best to learn how we can customize our proven solutions and use the best practices to build an awesome app just for you.