Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: Epic Ball Wars. Try to defeat the enemy!

DB Best is happy to share some awesome news for all mobile gamers and those who would like to bring some fun and excitement to their lives! Get ready to aim and fire as our Custom Dev Team has recently created the Epic Ball Wars – a super captivating and challenging cross-platform shooter-game!

Epic Ball Wars a breathtaking 2-D mobile shooter game, where the main character’s mission is to defeat the enemies and proceed further in the game without losing his life.

Besides eliminating the enemies, the player may collect various bonuses, such as new weapons, armor or healing and navigate within a small map to change the location during the game.

In addition to that, the game allows users to choose between a single or multi-player mode. When choosing a single player mode the user is offered to select a number of bots to fight against and set a number of frags required to win the game. In a multiplayer mode, the user is required to invite other players to join him in the created playroom. The players can decide whom to invite to join the team as well as choose those, who will be their enemies.

The game works great on both Android and iOS devices and allows their interaction.

Epic Ball Wars is a great way to have some fun and escape from reality to the exciting world of war games and adventure.

Tools and technologies we used to develop this mobile game:

  • Unity 3D
  • 2dToolKIt
  • iOS SDK
  • Andriod SDK
  • Adobe Illustrator