Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: Modernization of the Website

Modernization, Web

Forget travel and scheduling complexities! Online focus groups cut out the hassle and deliver results. More companies than ever are turning to online focus groups to stay up-to-date with their customer’s mindset. ThoughtNav provides a comprehensive tool for creating and managing the entire process. DB Best expanded users features and made it easy for admins to work with the forum.

740_2 As for innovation in the admin side all topics now can be edited fast and easy without visiting any other pages. Image and video uploads were also added by our developers as well as a notification about successful upload. Thus, user can upload an avatar to his profile, which is also displayed next to user’s posts on the forum. Additionally we implemented Livechat for users. Check out this video to find out more details about this website modernization and optimization:


Tools We Used To Create This Application:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • fluxBB Forum Software
  • Amazon s3 Storage
  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder