Blog: Selecting target database type for migration using Assessment Report in AWS Schema Conversion Tool

This continues our video blog series on the AWS Schema Conversion Tool. This post covers one of the key features of the application: the Database Migration Assessment Report. The Assessment Report in the AWS Schema Conversion Tool displays all issues that occur during a database migration process. One of the big things about the report is that it can help you select the optimal target database for conversion. At the same time, the multi-platform Database Migration Assessment Report not only allows you to estimate the amount of work to be done, but also helps you compare the complexity of migrating a database into different targets (for example, Amazon RDS for MySQL vs. PostgreSQL).

In the following video, we will show you how a multi-platform Database Migration Assessment Report can be created in the AWS Schema Conversion Tool.


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In the example schema used for the video, the migration of an Oracle source database to Amazon RDS for MySQL or Amazon Aurora had four database storage objects and eight database code objects require significant user actions to complete the conversion. On the other hand, if we choose PostgreSQL as the target for our database migration process, only one database code object required user action. Thus, migration of the selected Oracle database schema to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL should be much easier than to Amazon RDS for MySQL or Amazon Aurora.

We used this tool for several projects as part of our Migration Methodology. The Database Migration Assessment Report provides a good overview of the potential complexities for the conversion process. We rely more on the generated CSV file for estimating the project since we can easily assign estimates for each of the issues in planning the effort. Here is the guidance that AWS recommends based on the reported complexity.

  • Simple – Actions that can be completed in less than 1 hour.
  • Medium – Actions that are more complex and can be completed in 1 to 4 hours.
  • Significant – Actions that are very complex and take more than 4 hours to complete. You will need to pay particular attention to these items as the manual conversion could take well over 4 hours to complete.

We hope in future releases of the Schema Conversion Tool that AWS will expose the specific estimates for each of the issues instead of bundling them up into buckets to make project estimation easier.

In our next blog post, we’ll concentrate on using the Assessment Report for migration projects. This type of Assessment Report is created for a particular pair of database objects and cannot be used for selection of target database type for migration, but it still has a number of cool and interesting features.

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