Blog: Top customers’ stories on AWS

The goal of DB Best blog is to deliver technical content on various completed projects and researches. Publishing over 100 blog posts per year, we pay great attention to the projects, related to the cloud data platforms in general, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in particular. Some of the AWS customers’ stories attract more attention than others, so, that’s why we decided to collect them in one place. We consider these articles must-read and super useful.

AWS customers' stories

Please take a look through our list of the most read customers’ stories on AWS.

Top 3 AWS customers’ stories

We’ve had an amazing experience, migrating on-premises Oracle database to the AWS cloud for a major data processing company. We delivered a cost and time-effective turnkey solution, adding automated monitoring and reporting capabilities to their existing solution.



Fast and error-free migration to the AWS cloud

Another brilliant example of reducing customer’s operational costs by moving their Oracle on-premises database into the AWS cloud. We created highly available and easily scalable database system, providing the customer with a set of best practices on operating the new cloud environment.



Architecting highly available and scalable system when migrating to SQL Server on AWS

Our customer wanted to support additional database platform to their original Oracle database system. They wanted to expand their on-premises system with a new PostgreSQL database running at AWS RDS. We came up with a magnificent solution to unify the application’s SQL code. After unification, the application was running correctly against both databases. You can check the details of this sophisticated project in the following blog post.


3Using PostgreSQL in cloud alongside with Oracle to enhance the database system performance

Bonus track: application development with AWS

Check how we implemented a variety of Amazon Web Services to build a set of video streaming applications for one of our regular customers. Highlighting the unlimited power of web services, we will show you how to keep costs under control even under the extremely increasing workloads.


4Building a video streaming application based on Amazon Web Services

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