News: DB Best Releases Database Compare Suite 4.14

29 Apr 2019
Database Compare Suite 4.14

DB Best announced a release of the new version of Database Compare Suite 4.14. This release brings the support of Amazon DynamoDB, as well as the ability to use SSL to connect to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

What’s new in Database Compare Suite 4.14?

The most important improvement of our ultimate tool for database administrators and developers is the support of yet another NoSQL database platform. Starting from the 4.14 version, Database Compare Suite allows you to work with Amazon DynamoDB databases including the developer local instance of Amazon DynamoDB.

Database Compare Suite will help you verify data migration when moving your relational database workloads to Amazon DynamoDB. Please note that the schema operations are available only for a couple of Amazon DynamoDB databases.

We added the option to use SSL to establish a secure connection to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. This includes an option to specify whether the driver can trust the server certificate when connecting to the Microsoft SQL Server database using TLS.

You can now ignore column default values and parameter default values during schema operations.

Finally, Database Compare Suite now works correctly with an abstract SET data type.

Download Database Compare Suite 4.14 for free

See the full list of supported database platforms on the official Database Compare Suite 4.14 product page. Check out the release notes to discover other improvements and fixes or get more technical information on our blog. Download Database Compare Suite or upgrade your copy of the application from the official site.