News: DBMSys update automates event monitoring

18 Jul 2019
DBMSys event monitoring

DB Best updated our in-house DBMSys platform that we use to analyze and monitor customer’s data environment. The latest release allows for automating event monitoring.

What’s new in the updated DBMSys platform?

Based on our expert’s knowledge and industry best practices, we created an extensive list of events that DBMSys checks on the pre-defined schedule. We can easily work with our customers to add new events to the check list.

In the DBMSys event monitoring tab, customers who have access to the DBMSys console can specify the following information for each event:

  • Monitoring schedule
  • Event severity
  • Notification type (e-mail or SMS)
  • Recipients

When an alert happens, DBMSys sends out an email or notifies users by phone. In addition to that, DBMSys follows up all created yet not fixed alerts.

DBMSys event monitoring settings

Take advantage of the DBMSys event monitoring feature

Our DBMSys customers can now rely on DBMSys platform as a perfect monitoring tool as it runs at the background and you get all alerts to your inbox or phone. Contact DB Best to start using our DBMSys platform and its brand new event monitoring feature.