News: New DBMSys platform 5.0.6 brings the support of Azure SQL Database Managed Instances

24 Apr 2019
DBMSys Platform 5.0.6

On Friday, April 19th, 2019, DB Best released an update to our DBMSys platform to version 5.0.6. This release brings the long-awaited support of Azure SQL Database Managed Instances. Also, DBMSys now significantly simplifies the discovery of a new customer’s environment.

What’s new in DBMSys platform 5.0.6?

Looking for a move to the cloud, you may want to consider Azure Database Managed Instances as the target destination. The latest version of our in-house DBMSys platform provides you with a detailed financial estimate of this type of migration. Also, you should consider the fact that Azure SQL Database Managed Instances deliver “close to 100% compatibility” with SQL Server. And the DBMSys platform 5.0.6 will help you discover all the incompatibilities of this move.

So, you can now take full advantage of our exclusive Data Management Optimization for Microsoft Data Platform offer to assess the move to Azure DBMI.

In addition to that, we updated the Discovery feature of the Collector UI. Now, you can discover the new environment by simply providing DBMSys with the access credentials to the LDAP server. This approach allows for simplifying the installation and configuration of our DBMSys platform.

The third important update relates to the speed of data upload to the application server. We optimized this process and substantially improved the speed of data transfer.

Easy start with DBMSys platform

We included the vast experience of our architects in DBMSys platform. So, this platform can help you verify that servers conform to industry best practices, run SQL Health Checks and get advice on improving your data environment. We use DBMSys platform in Future-State Architectural Design sessions, database consolidation or virtualization opportunities, and application modernization. Also, you can utilize DBMSys platform for maintenance, support, and monitoring purposes. As the developers of DBMSys platform, we can tailor it to meet your needs.