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T-SQL Analyzer is a code analyzing tool for finding problematic spots in your Transact-SQL code in SQL Server. The tool analyzes stored procedures and user-defined functions in your SQL Server database against a predefined set of best practice rules.

How to use the tool

Execute the TSqlAnalyzerSetup.msi file after it has been downloaded. During the installation, you should specify the folder for the program files.


System Migrations

Application Re-engineering

Database Services

Custom Software Development

  • Select the object to analyze

    After connecting to the database, please, select the object to analyze.

  • Issues list

    You can review the list of issues found in the source code at the 'Issues' tab.

  • Configure the issues

    You can specify the issues that the T-SQL Analyzer will detect. Check the issues on the list if you want to analyze your SQL code for this current issue.

  • Results

    You can overview the results of SQL code analysis in this application window. You can select the object from the metadata tree, overview their SQL code and the list of discovered issues.

System Requirements

T-SQL Analyzer requires that the following software is installed on your computer:

Operating system

  • Windows Server 2003 or higher;
  • Windows XP or higher.

Additional software

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1