The core offerings of our business are database conversion and database migration. We have implemented numerous database conversions, migrations, and modernizations so far. We know that all database migrations have to be connected to application code and need to be addressed holistically. Very often, the database modernization effort triggers a necessity to modernize an old application.

We have a solid understanding of the common challenges you are likely to face while implementing such projects. Whether it comes down to targeting a single application, a family of apps, or  a full portfolio, we have seen it all and can chose the right path based on our experience.

Let’s take a look at some typical challenges in application modernization projects:

Converting SQL statements

Conversion of SQL statements to execute against the new database platform

First, we extract all the SQL statements from the source application code. We use our in-house automated tools for SQL code extraction. Then, we convert the extracted statements to make them compatible with the new database platform. We use our automated conversion tools, such as SQL Server Migration Assistant and AWS Schema Conversion Tool, or in some cases, we use our experience to perform the manual conversion. Then, we apply the converted code to the source application files and compile the project, building the new application.

SQL code unification

Making the application compatible with both old and new database platforms

Chances are the customer may need to support both old and new database systems for a certain period of time. In that case, we need to unify the SQL code in such a way that it can be interpreted by two database engines. To do so, we analyze the extracted SQL code and classify the code into one of the categories below

• Doesn’t require modification and can be executed against both database platforms without conversion;
• Requires unification to be used with both databases afterward (for example, we can use ANSI SQL standard);
• Can be automatically converted using specific conversion tools;
• Requires manual conversion and should be duplicated in the application.
In the end, you can run the application against both old and new database platforms.

Moving the application to the cloud

We know all the ‘gotchas’ and all the issues that may occur while moving the database application to any modern cloud database platform. We can help you discover the right path to building the new architecture for your application running in the cloud. We can craft the new system, using specific web services for that particular cloud platform.

Rewriting the application to optimize it for the new database platform

It is often more cost-effective to rewrite the application to gain the performance and flexibility that you require. DB Best has deep knowledge of all major development tools and frameworks, from Desktop to Web to the Cloud, we can easily find the most effective application modernization solution to take full advantage of the new platform.


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Our company started from developing a database migration technology. Over the years we’ve built multiple conversion automation tools and performed hundreds of database migration projects. During this process we developed a comprehensive 12-step migration methodology, which became an industry standard.

In all of these projects we start from the database, but very quickly get to application re-platforming or application modernization topics. At the end of the day, the customers want to see their applications running on the new database platform.

During the database migration project, you need to convert all the database objects. At the application level, you need to adjust application code, interfaces and sometimes completely rewrite the business logic.

Usually, the application modernization requires a lot of manual work, there’s no easy way to convert applications using a single click.

We have a variety of offers to help you get the most out of your application running on your new database platform, making it compatible with all the latest features of the modern on-premises or cloud platforms.


A financial service software provider needed to upgrade their customer-facing applications to SQL Server while keeping their Sybase ASE database. Our Sybase SQL Server Application Unification process allowed them to use SQL Server as a new database engine.
We came up with a way to create an identical version of their existing Sybase ASE database running in SQL Server environment and performed some code unification that allowed the Power Builder front-end application to interact with both databases. Thus, the customer’s system now meets the rigorous high availability and encryption industry standards.

Customer Problem
Our customer needed to support both Sybase ASE and SQL Server databases in parallel, keeping the upgrade path for this complex system in the future.

The customer wanted to unify the PowerBuilder application so that it can interact with both Sybase ASE and SQL Server databases. Unification of a complex system that includes two or more database environments is a common task for product evolution. The modern market demands force customers to upgrade from old database environments, but very often they need to keep the original system running as well.

Using SQL Server allowed our client to meet regulations that required high availability features such as Always-On along with Transparent Data Encryption to secure their financial data.
The following video shows how we used this innovative Sybase SQL Server application unification approach to meet our customers’ requirements.

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