Introducing the AWS Database Migration Service Support Offer

DB Best will streamline your migration projects with our special AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) Support offering. This service is built around helping our customer with any questions or issues related to the AWS DMS and SCT services.

To help guide you through the DB Best 12-step migration process, we are offering a package of 40 hours to help jumpstart your migration project effort to AWS. With unparalleled experience in all major databases – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Greenplum, Netezza and Amazon Redshift – we are ready to help you develop cost-effective strategies for migrating and modernizing your application assets to AWS technologies.



Whether you are migrating the OLTP workload to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Aurora for PostgreSQL, Aurora for MySQL, or migrating your data warehouse application to Redshift, our migration team can help you navigate through any potential barriers in the process.

DB Best was an adopter of AWS SCT from the very beginning and has performed more migrations using the tool than anyone else. Our team knows how to work around shortcomings of AWS SCT. We have an extensive internal knowledgebase to help convert code that AWS SCT doesn’t understand to target the AWS RDS platform of your choice.

AWS SCT Jumpstart 2

DB Best can also help you migrate your Cassandra workloads to Amazon DynamoDB. Our team has hands-on experience migrating Cassandra workloads using Amazon’s data extraction agents. DB Best knows all the gotchas and workarounds of this migration path, as we were the first AWS partner to complete a migration project of this type for one of our customers.

See examples of how we can help you get started below:

SCT Tool support

DB Best can help your team get up and running with AWS SCT so that you can take advantage of all the features it offers. Whether you need help understanding the assessment report, configuring migration options, using the scripting console options, or optimizing data warehouse options, we can provide your team with the customized help that you need.

Migrating schema objects

AWS SCT automatically converts database objects that it understands. However, there are some database object constructs that are too complex for SCT to handle due to possible ambiguities. Since we know SCT inside and out, we know exactly what the issues are and can help manually convert the code to your desired AWS RDS target database. In addition, we can help you understand the estimates from the assessment report to help scope your migration project with greater accuracy. In some cases a migration project requires additional automation to improve conversion rate on top of SCT. The DB Best development team is happy to help build additional automation layers to expedite your migration projects.

Migrating data

The AWS Database Migration Service is a web service which you can use to migrate data from a source database to a target database. We can help you set up custom mapping rules between DMS and SCT. For very large data volumes, you may need to use the AWS Snowball service to ship your data to an AWS data center and then load it into your target AWS RDS or Amazon Redshift database. Our experts can help develop strategies and customized data movement scripts using popular data integration tools to ensure data integrity throughout the project. We also have tools like Database Compare Suite that are available for purchase to compare schema and data after conversion.

Application code conversion

AWS SCT can identify and convert application code for Java, C++, C# or “any” source projects using the AWS SCT Application Conversion Project. It’s certainly a great start, however, it’s not perfect. DB Best has a variety of tools that we have developed over the years to help identify application code and fix the code to work against the new AWS RDS database. In addition, if you are looking to change the application front end from Oracle Forms to Web Applications, we have tools and processes to guide you through the rewrite effort.

Migration conversion testing

After AWS SCT finishes converting the code, you need to test its correctness. Functional testing represents approximately 30% of the migration effort. We have our homegrown tools and frameworks which can help to expedite the functional testing process.

Performance testing

AWS SCT uses a migration extension library for the source database to emulate the same feature using the target AWS RDS database. In many cases, our experts can improve performance by looking at the intent of the source object and then using the native functionality of target AWS RDS to achieve that same functionality. For data warehouse migration, our experts can show you how to use SCT’s optimization tools to get the best performance out of Amazon Redshift.

Architectural design and product guidance

Database schema conversion typically represents approximately 15% of the effort in a migration project. AWS DMS and SCT will not do it all. Our experts can work with your team to evaluate your current database, applications, and infrastructure to help you develop the future state architecture. From there, we can work with your team to develop a project plan using our 12-step migration methodology to place you on a path to success.

AWS Services Discovery

In some cases, database features can’t be converted to equivalent Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) features. Some examples are Oracle send email calls that use UTL_SMTP, and Microsoft SQL Server jobs that use a job scheduler. If you host and self-manage a database on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) platform, you can emulate these features by substituting AWS services for them. Our experts can help you configure AWS Services for sending emails and performing automated jobs using AWS Lambda functions. We can also help you to extend existing libraries to provide a greater support for missing source database features using existing foundation provided by AWS SCT Extension libraries.

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Sharing our experiences with you

Blog posts

As an advanced partner with AWS, we have performed more database migrations using AWS DMS and SCT than anyone else. If something isn’t working right, we have direct contacts with the AWS development team to help you with your migration project. Because of our unique relationship with AWS, when we learn of problems that our customers are having with SCT, we share this information through our blogs.

Here is a sample of our blog posts related to SCT. For the full list of SCT blog posts, you can see them on our SCT channel.

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