Challenges with database upgrade, migrations, and moving to the cloud

Database upgrade, migration, and move to cloud projects can be a burden for any organization. Your team needs to understand not only the current solution but have expertise in the new operating environment. If not done correctly, it can be a troublesome inconvenience for your business. You run the risk of unplanned downtime, breaking functional changes, and compatibility issues with existing processes.

As a result, companies find themselves in a very vulnerable and insecure position with their data and mission-critical applications being exposed to the potential threat of software hazards and malfunctions.

It all starts with an understanding of your current data estate: our own DBMsys Platform will monitor your SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases.

Data Management Optimization (DMO) using DMBSys to gather current data estate to map the future state

It is followed with monitoring of the hardware, software, CPU usage, memory, disk latency, and network bandwidth.

Based on the metrics collected by DBMSys we perform deep analysis to correlate current capacity to future state environment.

The DBMSys Platform provides a variety of options including virtualization of servers on new VM host servers, deployment of servers on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform, or consolidating databases on to larger servers. All based on data as shown below.

DBMSys server overview for data management optimization

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