Database consulting in a nutshell

We grew our database consulting services as an extension of helping customers migrate from platforms like Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server. For migration projects, you need experts for both the target and source database platforms to understand the intent of the code to make sure that applications using the new source return the same results with better performance, higher availability, and better security.

Here are the core services database services that we provide. You can also jump right to specific capabilities for Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud on this page.

Microsoft Data Platform Consulting Services

AWS Database Consulting Services

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Discover how DB Best’s technical experts can improve your database system’s performance both on-premise and in the cloud.
We’ve achieved some amazing results managing customers’ databases and applications to perfection.

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Blog posts

DB Best Case Study: Faster reporting and flexibility using SSIS and SQL Server to offload Excel reports from SSAS cubes
3 November 2016 Bill Ramos

DB Best recently completed a complex development project for one of the largest banks in the Middle East. Faced with non-customizable and slow-to-generate reporting, the customer conta...

Enhancing SQL Server database performance by 3x acceleration of queries execution
6 July 2017 Stanislav Andrenko

A leading provider of business management solutions currently hosts many of their workloads using SQL Server databases on Azure. They faced a number of SQL Server database performanc...

Using Amazon Redshift performance tuning tips to reduce query times by 800%
14 December 2017 Bill Ramos

Often database administrators experience decreases in query performance with Amazon Redshift as the size of data increases. The problem becomes even more significant when we start talk...

Optimizing your Redshift Storage with AWS Schema Conversion Tool
2 March 2017 Bill Ramos

Amazon introduced the new feature called Redshift Optimization for the Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) November 17, 2016 release. You can now use AWS SCT to optimize your Amazon Redshift ...

Global Retailer Tunes up OLAP Performance Ten-fold
15 December 2016 Bill Ramos

When a company grows, it's no surprise that their database stored data grows as well. This is the case for all companies, and our customer, a global retailer in the beauty industry, wa...

Architecting highly available and scalable system when migrating to SQL Server on AWS
12 July 2017 Stanislav Andrenko

Our customer needed to reduce the licensing costs of their Oracle database. We came up with a comprehensive solution by migrating their database to SQL Server platform. We also remed...

Developing Always On Availability Group checklist with reduced configuration time and costs
11 September 2017 Bill Ramos

One of the largest transportation authorities was running the mission-critical system on SQL Server platform and any down times could harmfully affect on their business. So, they deci...

Getting the most out of a comprehensive database health check for SQL Server
22 August 2017 Andrey Ivanov

One of our public sector customers was using a distributed SQL Server 2016 database system and was considering an upgrade to unite the servers in one data center, or even a move to the...

Our customer reduced costs by over 20% by optimizing Azure elastic pools
29 March 2017 Stanislav Andrenko

A leading provider of payroll and HR services in the United States faced the difficulties with configuring the Azure elastic pools for the needs of their SaaS Azure app. The Azure tool...

Using PostgreSQL in cloud alongside with Oracle to enhance the database system performance
15 June 2017 Andrey Ivanov

One of the leading independent software vendors in educational domain needed to expand their original Oracle database system. They wanted to add a new PostgreSQL database running on AW...

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery Implementation in Microsoft Azure
2 April 2019 Bill Ramos

Many businesses are anxious if their data center can really handle a natural disaster. Thus, their operational teams spend hours on configuring HA/DR operations. Consequently, they spe...

Data Management Services
18 August 2016 Bill Ramos

Mission-critical systems drive your business, yet most organizations lack the IT expertise or resources to maximize system performance and achieve greater service availability, complia...

Reference white paper

Deciding Between Merge and Peer-to-Peer Replication with SQL Server
1 October 2015 Bill Ramos

Robert Davis (aka @SQLSoldier) provides clear guidance on the differences between Merge and Peer-to-Peer replication and how to decide which method is the right one to use for your pa...

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