Typical challenges that we see

Database migration is a daunting task with a lot of hidden issues and possible problems. With our extensive experience, we can overcome database migration challenges.

Getting the best value from all the Google Cloud Platform migration options

When migrating database servers to the Google Cloud Platform, how do I get the best value from all the choices?

Finding the best value in the Google Cloud Platform is a balancing act. Here are some key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How much do you want to support yourself or how much do you want managed support?
  • Are you planning to run lean or are you planning for periodic expansion?
  • Are you looking for a short-term commitment or could you improve pricing with a long-term commitment?

DB Best can help you evaluate your current environment and determine the most cost-effective environment for your migration base on your needs.

Choosing which workloads to move to the Google Cloud Platform

We take a data-centric approach to determine which workloads are most appropriate for the Google Cloud Platform. We start with data collection that gives us a profile of each workload environment such as CPU, RAM, etc. We then gather performance metrics over a period of time using our agentless DBMSys software. We also work with our customers to understand the business needs and restrictions of each workload to determine a list of potential candidates that can be moved to the cloud.

Migrating away from your current data solution

Traditionally, this means a switch from one data platform to another. However, just switching the nameplate on the back-end DB server may not be the best solution. Some data patterns and use cases may have a better fit for a NoSQL or Data Lake solution.

DB Best Architects are trained to spot these patterns and discuss with the customer another approach that may be a better fit or be able to leverage new technology such as IoT devices.

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Experts who know all about Google Cloud Platform migrations

DB Best has expanded our migration expertise to support the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help organizations migrate databases and applications to Google’s Cloud. With unparalleled experience in all major databases — Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Greenplum, and Netezza — we are ready to help you develop cost-effective strategies for migrating and modernizing your application assets to Google Cloud technologies.


Whether you are migrating OLTP workloads to PostgreSQL, MySQL, or migrating your data warehouse applications to Google BigQuery, our migration team can help you to navigate through many barriers in the process.



Our database migration team has unique experience migrating hundreds of customers. Starting from 2002, when we developed the DB Best Database Migration Suite which was later acquired by Microsoft and used as a basis for developing SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) which is a key component used for migrating from other databases to SQL Server. We leverage our experience helping customers across hundreds of migration projects over the years. This experience is now applied to database migration projects for GCP with great success.

What gives DB Best the advantage is our database migration experts who know SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Netezza, Teradata and Google Cloud inside and out.

In addition, our application developers are experts in .NET, Java, JavaScript and other programming frameworks and languages to help modify the applications that connect to your database so that they will work great with Google Cloud services.

Getting Started

Understanding where to start when determining the required efforts for your database system modernization is a complex task. At DB Best, we have a set of entry-level offers to help you understand your modernization landscape and demonstrate the value of moving to a modern cloud-based Google Cloud Platform for your OLTP workloads and data warehouses.

If you are looking to lift and shift your SQL Server workloads to GCP Compute Engine VMs, we suggest our Data Management Optimized offer. We’ve demonstrated to our customers that they can save up to 60% in operations and license costs using our unique toolset.

Take the most of Google Cloud Platform

We have a deep knowledge and broad experience in using the automated tools for a turnkey database migration solution from most of the database platforms into Google Cloud Platform. What’s more important is that we know how to deploy your current workloads in the GCP fast enough, so that you can start returning the migration investments in a short period of time.

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Check out our SQL Server to GCP Migration offer for moving your workloads to the cloud. We have automation tools and processes to save time and money for using GCP as your SQL Server infrastructure.

Learn how we can migrate your on-premises Oracle, SQL Server, Maria DB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases to the GCP’s managed Cloud SQL solution both PostgreSQL and MySQL.

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