Enhance your data platform operation on GCP

Google Cloud Platform provides flexible, scalable, and high-performance SQL Server virtual machines. However, there’s always room for improvement, and we can give you the opportunity to explore advanced SQL Server capabilities that will certainly improve your database performance.

Here are the four modules that make-up the full-day training.

  • Query Plans and Query Tuning Basics
    Learn how to view query plans in different formats.  Points out the main indicators of where tuning might be possible.
  • In-Memory OLTP
    Learn what the purpose of this new technology is, discuss what ‘in-memory’ means, and talk a little about the storage of the rows.
  • Indexing
    Learn the difference between clustered and nonclustered indexes and describe when each kind is most useful.
  • Locking and Blocking
    Learn the main aspects of locking: type of lock, duration of lock, and unit of locking. Covers when locks cause blocking and how to detect where the blocking is occurring.

Google Cloud SQL Server Training

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