Why Migrate?

Providing better security, developer productivity, and manageability than mainframe systems, Microsoft SQL Server delivers on its promise of lower TCO.  Microsoft SQL Server provides out-of-the-box support for transparent data encryption, master data management, and self-service business intelligence.

DB Best can provide you with a turnkey migration solution to Microsoft SQL Server. Start your mainframe migration to SQL Server now!

Why can you trust us with IBM DB2 to SQL Server migration?

The DB Best team has developed a unique methodology to migrate mainframe to SQL Server which has been proven many times over with hundreds of customers. Being an architect and the original creator of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), the DB Best team is THE database migration expert you can trust with your project.

Based on our vast migration experience, the DB Best team developed our in-house product Database Compare Suite which greatly complements the SSMA tool.

Improve the application performance with a move from Mainframes to SQL Server

One of our customers supported a mainframe-based reporting application. Their system included Java-based web app and Informatica data management solution connected to a mainframe database. To provide a web interface for reporting needs they employed a WebSphere server for hosting Java applications. With this interface, a small circle of users could create reports using data imported from the Informatica application.

Our customer wanted to reduce the maintenance costs and increase the application functionality. We came up with a solution to migrate the customer database to SQL Server and reconnect the application to the new database. As a result, the customer has been able to improve the application performance by taking advantage of modern SQL Server capabilities.

Check how we have migrated the application to the Microsoft SQL Server platform in the following video.

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Supporting your SQL Server solutions after the migration

As part of our migration project, we offer training, support, consulting, and managed services for your SQL Server solutions. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of maintaining the day-to-day operations of your databases and applications, be sure to check out our Operational Data Management service.

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Learn more

We have a great set of blog posts and data sheets to help you better understand our capabilities as the leader in database migration services showcasing our expertise in moving mainframe workloads to Microsoft SQL Server technologies.

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