The number one reason SAP ASE (formally Sybase) owners migrate to Microsoft SQL Server is TCO.

Microsoft SQL Server offers broader-based functionality and is more cost-effective than SAP ASE due to SQL Server’s “out-of-the-box” functionality without requiring additional purchases. By contrast, SAP ASE customers must buy additional features as expensive add-ons. When it comes to database support and maintenance, SAP ASE DBA expertise is significantly harder to find and usually more expensive than a Microsoft SQL Server DBA.

In addition to SAP ASE being a legacy database compared to SAP HANA, you need to consider what will become of your SAP NetWeaver solutions if you are currently running with Sybase ASE. If you are running older versions of Sybase ASE with NetWeaver, you might be risking security and high availability compliance policies. It might be cheaper to consider going to SQL Server until you need to migrate your NetWeaver apps to S/4HANA.

Finally, if you are still using Sybase ASE with PowerBuilder applications, migrating to SQL Server is a process that we have fine-tuned to help you get TCO under control.

Migrate Sybase to SQL Server, choosing the path

Typical challenges that we see

Database migration is a daunting task with a lot of hidden issues and possible problems. With our extensive experience, we can overcome most of the database migration challenges.

Sybase ASE Upgrade Path

One thing we’ve noticed when talking to customers looking to leave SAP ASE is their reluctance to follow SAP’s available upgrade paths. SAP essentially recommends upgrading SAP ASE or moving to SAP HANA. Since SQL Server and Sybase ASE share the same roots, migrating to SQL Server is less risky than going to SAP HANA.

To save on costs and gain more features, DB Best recommends migrating SAP ASE to SQL Server.

PowerBuilder Legacy Applications

Companies who’ve built their applications on PowerBuilder might find it challenging to find legacy support while on the SAP upgrade path.

To overcome this, DB Best recommends migrating PowerBuilder applications to SQL Server which typically means simply changing the connection string to point to SQL Server.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

In order to satisfy compliance, companies may have to ensure their data and applications are highly available in case of natural disasters or unexpected issues. Older versions of Sybase ASE don’t have High Availability (HA) capabilities, which means that SAP ASE itself can’t be part of an HADR compliant infrastructure.

By migrating to SQL Server with built-in High Availability capabilities, businesses can guarantee reliability and availability of their data during pressing circumstances.

Meeting Security Standards

SQL Server has had the lowest NIST vulnerabilities over the past five years compared to all major database products including SAP HANA and SAP ASE. Features such as Always Encrypted, row-level security, dynamic data masking, transparent database encryption, and user-defined roles guarantee migrating to SQL Server is the smart move if security is a concern.

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The DB Best team developed a unique methodology to migrate SAP ASE to SQL Server and has proven it many times through our countless positive customer experiences. Being an architect and the original creator of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for SAP ASE, the DB Best team is THE database migration expert you can trust with your project.

Based on our vast migration experience, the DB Best team developed our in-house product Database Compare Suite, which greatly complements SSMA for SAP ASE.

Here are the DB Best tools that we’ve developed to optimize the Oracle to SQL Server migration process.

Migrating Sybase ASE databases to SQL Server to increase system's performance

DB Best completed a project to migrate SAP ASE databases to SQL Server for our customer. Faced with skyrocketing license costs with SAP to renew their out-of-support server instances, our customer needed a way to migrate hundreds of SAP ASE databases. To make matters worse, our customer faced upgrading their out of support PowerBuilder applications.

By migrating to SQL Server on commodity Intel-based servers, our customer found that they could exceed their performance needs and lower overall licensing costs.
Check out the video to see how we approached the project to migrate SAP ASE databases to SQL Server.

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Data integration tools play a big part in the successful migration of Sybase databases to SQL Server. Ideally, you will want to minimize the changes to your data integration processes. We have extensive experience in the following platforms.

Supporting your SQL Server solutions after the migration

As part of our migration project, we offer training, support, consulting, and managed services for your SQL Server solutions. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of maintaining the day-to-day operations of your databases and applications, be sure to check out our Operational Data Management service.

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Learn more

We have a great set of blog posts and data sheets to help you better understand our capabilities as the leader in database migration services and showcase our expertise in moving SAP ASE workloads to Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Azure.

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