Deciding how to Migrate to Azure

While working with our customers over the years, we’ve seen a variety of great reasons to migrate to Azure. It often starts with looking for new ways to support the increasing demands of their customers by extending their data center into Microsoft Azure. Or, it could be the vision of building transformative solutions using building blocks like cognitive services for outstanding customer experiences.

It all starts with a combination of understanding what your business wants to achieve and then having the people, processes, and platform knowledge to guide you along the path that is right for your organization.

As a Gold Partner of Microsoft with competencies in Cloud Platform, Data Platform, Application Development, and Data Analytics, we have the expertise and resources to help you choose a path that is right for you and help you make it a reality. It starts with our Future-State Architecture Design Engagement where we work with you to understand your business priorities, initiatives, current challenges, and desired business outcomes.

migrate to azure flow chart

As a next step you would want to get a better understanding of your current data estate and the resource consumption. A true picture of your data estate needs should serve as the foundation for migrating to Microsoft Azure financial model. Our Data Management Optimization service provides the data and reports to set you on the path that will help you achieve your business goals and control costs.

migrate to azure data management optimized

We can get you started right away with a Data Management Optimization for Microsoft Data Platform service.

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Special incentives from Microsoft

As a Gold partner of Microsoft, we have access to special incentive programs to help co-invest with you in your move to Microsoft Azure.

Please contact us to see if you qualify.

How to get the most out of Microsoft Azure

There are several ways that you can approach adapting your solutions to Microsoft Azure. We like to think of these five stages to help customers onboard their solutions.

  • Backup and archival to Azure storage using tools like Azure Backup, and SQL Server backup and restore with Azure blob storage service.
  • Creation of development and test environments using Azure DevTest Labs.
  • Website migration to Microsoft Azure PaaS solutions
  • Lift and shift of applications and databases to Azure
  • Platform migration and modernization to Microsoft Azure

This video shows how we have helped customers deploy their solutions on Microsoft Azure.

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Sample of our migrate to Azure services

We offer a variety of migrations that include lift and shift of websites to Microsoft Azure, using storage for disaster recovery, and archival of data.

Here are some specific offers that we have related to your migrate to Azure initiatives.

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Learn more

We have a great set of blog posts and data sheets to help you better understand our capabilities as the leader in database migration services and prove out possibilities and expertise in migrate to Azure projects.

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Examples of applications created on Azure

Using Mobile Applications for Augmented Reality Art Buying
Ultimate car rental service mobile applications
Using iBeacons in mobile application for exhibitions
Momdezvous application built specially for mothers of young children
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