What are SQL Server Deployment Planning Services?

The SQL Server Deployment Planning Services (SSDPS) voucher program provides an in-depth assessment of SQL Server environments and infrastructure as well as the planning for upgrades, BI solutions, or migration to SQL Server based on the specific needs, goals, strategy, and vision of your organization.

SSDPS engagement with DB Best is offered as a part of your Microsoft Software Assurance package, free of charge. Depending on the number of your Software Assurance vouchers, you might be eligible for a 3-15 day engagement with DB Best.

Our services offered within the SSDPS Program

DB Best creates a customized deployment plan to take advantage of higher availability, scalability, security, management, reporting, and data analysis. This allows us to derive value from your data across any timeframe.

Based on the length of the engagement, we hold an architectural design session, go over your application upgrade checklist, perform technical and financial analysis of your environment, and outline a future implementation plan. Our team performs a more detailed assessment and POC for longer engagements.

DB Best can help you reduce TCO through efficiently migrating clients from Oracle, SAP ASE, DB2, MySQL, Access, or PowerBuilder database technologies to solutions on the Microsoft data platform.

Here are the specific offers available as part of the SQL Server Deployment Planning Services (SSDPS) offering.

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Additional offers

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