Disaster immunity for your critical business infrastructure

SQL Server offers many technologies which can be used to minimize downtime and maximize data protection. These technologies allow businesses to ensure smooth operation, continuous access to business-critical data, and meet availability levels in accordance with certain service level agreements.
The following SQL Server high availability solutions mask the effects of a hardware or software failure and maintain an availability of applications such as:

  • Availability groups
  • Failover clustering
  • Database mirroring
  • Log shipping


Case Study:

One of the largest transportation authorities was running their mission-critical system on a SQL Server platform. Any downtime would negatively affect their business substantially.

The company decided to modernize their system and implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions to keep their system running without interruptions. To meet the customer’s needs, we engaged in a technical support role and delivered detailed instructions and automated scripts to implement the highly available architecture in compliance with Always On Availability Group checklists. Our solution allowed the customer to build a perfectly configured and highly available system by themselves while saving on configuration time and money.

Check out the video below to learn our approach to this project.

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