We offer 3-day course that cover the essentials of SQL Server Integration Services

Welcome to the DB Best Technologies training syllabus for SQL Server 2016 Integration Services. During this course, you will explore the theory and practice of SQL Server Data Tools and will use it to extract data from different sources, transform this data, and then load it to a destination. You will also learn how to create and configure SSIS packages, use built-in SSIS tasks that facilitate data flow, handle bad data, use containers, and much more.

This is a three-day training course offered on-site starting at $15,000 for your organization.

Hands-on-labs are available for all lessons in this course.

SQL Server Integration Services Basic Training

Day 1

Section 1 – Installing and getting started

  1. Moving data with the Import and Export Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Installing SQL Server Data Tools for SSIS projects
  3. Installing the sample databases for SQL Server 2016
  4. Creating a solution and project
  5. Exploring SQL Server Data Tools
  6. Creating your first package and deploying it

Section 2 – Control Flow

  1. Using Precedence Constraints
  2. Manipulating Files with the File System Task
  3. Coding Custom Script Tasks
  4. Using the Execute SQL Task
  5. Using the Execute Process Task
  6. Using the Expression Task
  7. Using the Send Mail Task
  8. Using the FTP Task.
  9. Creating a Data Flow

Day 2

Section 3 – Data Flow

  1. Extracting Data from Sources
  2. Loading Data to a Destination
  3. Creating and Replacing Columns with the Derived Column Transform
  4. Rolling Up Data with the Aggregate Transform
  5. Ordering Data with the Sort Transform
  6. Joining Data with the Lookup Transform
  7. Auditing Data with the Row Count Transform
  8. Combining Multiple Inputs with the Union All Transform
  9. Cleansing Data with the Script Component
  10. Separating Data with the Conditional Split Transform
  11. Altering Rows with the OLE DB Command Transform
  12. Handling Bad Data with the Fuzzy Lookup
  13. Removing Duplicates with the Fuzzy Grouping Transform

Section 4 – Making packages dynamic

  1. Making a Package Dynamic with Variables.
  2. Making a Package Dynamic with Parameters
  3. Making a Connection Dynamic with Expressions
  4. Making a Task Dynamic with Expressions

Section 5 – Common ETL Scenarios

  1. Loading Data Incrementally
  2. Using the Change Data Capture (CDC) Components in SSIS
  3. Using Data Quality Services (DQS)
  4. Using the DQS Cleansing Transform
  5. Creating a Master Package
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