Featured Technologies for AWS

Amazon has recognized DB Best Technologies as an Advanced Consulting Partner. What does this mean for you?

  • Our solution architects are not only trained on the AWS technologies, but have the experience of working with customers to move their applications to AWS.
  • Our system and database administrators provide 24×7 support for many customers, going beyond what Amazon CloudWatch provides. We have specialized monitoring tools that check for best practices and can determine when services may need attention based on historical data.
  • Our development team knows how to integrate AWS services into your solutions, often replacing your legacy code with highly tested, secure, and performance services.
  • We are considered a trusted partner with AWS development teams and have helped optimize their Database Migration Services, Relational Database Services, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Redshift based on our proven database experience.

Here are some of our featured technologies that we can help you get started with.

AWS RDS Platform

With the AWS RDS platform and infrastructure, you have many options for running your favorite database on EC2, RDS, and Aurora. Learn how we can optimize your database solutions on AWS.

Amazon Data Warehouse Solutions

Working closely with the Amazon Redshift team, DB Best is ready to help customers migrate aging on-premises data warehouse workloads to Redshift. We can also optimize your Redshift data warehouse and integrate it with other Amazon Web Services.

AWS Business Intelligence Solutions

Take advantage of AWS Business Intelligence capabilities and extend your data analytics to the cloud. See how DB Best can build BI solutions for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial services, government, and more.

AWS Data Integration

We are a leading partner with Amazon who specializes in moving on-premises databases to the cloud. Learn how we can optimize your solutions using AWS data integration tools.

AWS Database Migration Service

We are the only AWS partner who can say we've migrated more databases to AWS RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Redshift than any other partner in the world using AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) and Schema Conversion Tool (SCT).

Application Development

With over 15 years of application development experience under our belt, we've created vested solutions for various platforms: including mobile, desktop and web. Constantly innovating, DB Best's application development team covers a wide stack of technology solutions, including the latest industry trends and cutting-edge techniques.

Our core services for AWS

Whether you are looking to lift-and-shift your applications, migrate from old technologies, or create new solutions for your digital transformation initiatives, we are here to help. Here is a sample of our core offerings that we offer for Amazon Web Services.

Getting Started with AWS

To best understand where you want to go, we recommend starting with a Future-State Architectural Design Engagement. We work with your team to develop a roadmap on how to modernize your AWS workloads in a fast, cost-effective, and reliable way to delight your business users and customers.

We use our modernization methodology and automated tools (internal and third-party) combined with our manual efforts, techniques, and best practices to successfully deliver hundreds of projects for Tier 1 workloads worldwide.

Helping your journey to AWS

There are several ways that you can approach adapting your solutions to Amazon Web Services. We have defined these five stages to help customers onboard their solutions:

  • Backup and archival to S3 storage
  • Stand up development and test environments using EC2 instances
  • Migration of your website to Amazon Lightsail or EC2 instances
  • Lift and shift of applications and databases to Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora
  • Platform migration and modernization to Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, and other services

See how DB Best can help your organization in migrating your workloads to AWS and managing them to perfection.

Check out the short video below to see how we can help you deploy your business solutions to Amazon Web Services.

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Supporting AWS Technologies

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your solutions on the AWS cloud, check out the other technologies that we can support your team.

Additional services for Amazon Cloud

Your data and applications are the essence of your business. DB Best provides AWS consulting services to organizations of all sizes on all things mission-critical. Our architects have decades of technical experience in all aspects of the Cloud.

DB Best’s expansion into the AWS ecosystem ensures the latest Amazon cloud technology is available for your business to leverage with us.
We offer the following services to accelerate your migration and deployment projects to Amazon Web Services.

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