Why DB Best and AWS Business Intelligence?

Why choose DB Best for your AWS Business Intelligence platform development?

  • Transforming complex data: We can help you create powerful data ingestion architecture with AWS Glue or Amazon Kinesis which can be easily understood, analyzed, and consumed for your BI solutions.
  • Modernized reporting: By delivering fully interactive business intelligence, analytics and paginated reports from a single modern web portal, using technologies such as SQL Server Reporting Services with SQL Server running on Amazon EC2 virtual machines, you’ll have complete transparency into your business data.
  • Integrating mobile BI: For decision makers on the go, we can develop solutions to access KPIs and reports on devices like iPhone, iPad or any Android tablets, using Amazon Quicksight built-in mobile BI capabilities.
  • Using an advanced BI platform: Take advantage of scalability, access to secured data, and machine learning capabilities.

Why DB Best for your AWS Advanced Analytics projects?

  • Enabling action using business analytics: Our data scientists are ready to help you evolve ahead of your competitors by building advanced analytics and machine learning into your business applications. We can leverage Amazon Machine Learning and Amazon SageMaker services and tools tailored to meet your needs and level of expertise.
  • Innovating through intelligent agents: We can help you get closer to your customers and understand them better by building solutions that see, hear, and interpret the natural world.
  • Using agility to achieve value quickly: Our solution architects can help you gain a head start using preconfigured solution templates from Amazon.
  • Scaling up analytics with peace of mind: At DB Best, we are ready to help you deliver cloud-based security while easily managing complex data streams as your business needs continue to grow.
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Key Technologies

Amazon Data Warehouse Solutions

Working closely with the Amazon Redshift team, DB Best is ready to help customers migrate aging on-premises data warehouse workloads to Redshift. We can also optimize your Redshift data warehouse and integrate it with other Amazon Web Services.

AWS Glue

See how we can orchestrate the transformation of your data, leveraging the simple, flexible, and cost-effective AWS Glue ETL service.

Amazon QuickSight

Get the most out of a fast, cloud-powered business analytics service with Amazon QuickSight. Learn how DB Best can design a cost-effective BI solution in the Amazon cloud for your business needs.

Amazon Athena

Learn how DB Best can help you analyze data in Amazon S3 by getting the most out of interactive server-less AWS Athena query service.

Amazon EMR

DB Best can guide your business to run and scale Apache Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Presto, Hive, and other Big Data Frameworks in the Amazon cloud leveraging Amazon EMR service.

Amazon Kinesis

Learn how DB Best can help you collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information with Amazon Kinesis.

Amazon Data Pipeline

Configuring Amazon Data Pipeline web service, you can process the data that was locked up in on-premises storages and then efficiently transfer the results to different AWS services.

Amazon DynamoDB

Leverage the flexibility, speed, and scale of Amazon's NoSQL database service. See how DB Best can help you create the perfect Amazon DynamoDB solution based on your specific business needs.

AWS RDS Platform

With the AWS RDS platform and infrastructure, you have many options for running your favorite database on EC2, RDS, and Aurora. Learn how we can optimize your database solutions on AWS.

Get the most out of your data with AWS BI solutions

Let DB Best help you empower real-time decision-making, identify trends, and create multiple data-mining models all within the powerful AWS Business Intelligence solutions.

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How DB Best approaches AWS Business Intelligence solutions

AWS offers comprehensive technologies for gaining better insights into business data. DB Best has experience developing technology roadmaps using these AWS features for organizations of all sizes.

The process starts with understanding your current state and goals for your new solution on AWS. This example shows how we looked at a customer’s current data warehouse solution to see how they could meet their scalability needs while controlling costs.

aws business intelligence chart

We then work with your team to develop a high-level architecture to identify which AWS services are needed to satisfy your objectives. Here is an example of a high-level solution architecture that addresses the future state requirement. This includes maintaining the customer’s current investment with Pentaho for analytics.


It’s crucial to understand your on-premises and cloud-based data and then look at the technologies used to ingest and collect, store, process and analyze, consume and visualize all forms of available data. This gives us insight on how to deliver answers and insights to your team with a deeper understanding of the solution in regards to your business needs. We use this as a roadmap for developing a project plan and creating a return on investment model for a cost-effective solution which can grow as your business needs change.

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