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A leading provider of payroll and HR services in the United States faced difficulties configuring Azure elastic pools for their SaaS Azure app. The Azure tools provided by Microsoft were not flexible enough to fine tune the performance of 20,000 customer databases with different utilization patterns. Moreover, it was almost impossible to maintain so many databases manually.

DB Best engineers came up with a solution that allows automatic management of the customer databases basing on extensive monitoring of the elastic pools performance. Now the customer can optimize the Azure resources utilization that results in over 20 percent reduction of their Azure services costs.
Have a look at how we optimized elastic pools utilization in the following video.

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Microsoft Incentives

As a Gold Partner with Microsoft with competencies in Data and Cloud Platforms, Microsoft provides business incentive funds that we can use to help offset the initial costs for proof of concepts projects and future-state architectural design sessions. If you are a managed account with Microsoft, please contact us to see if you are eligible for one of the programs listed below.

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If you are looking to migrate your database platform for your solutions from Oracle Database or Sybase ASE (now SAP ASE), check out the white papers that we helped write for Microsoft to help you deploy your solutions using the Azure SQL Database managed service.

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