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The Migrator series of products from DB Best provides an intuitive and effective solution for Oracle, DB2 or MySQL to SQL Server data migration. The tool transfers data from database tables to existing SQL Server tables in a few easy steps.

Key features for the DB Best Migrator series of products


  • A wizard-like interface which allows restarting migrations from any step.
  • The tool uses the bulk copy mechanism to load data from Oracle, DB2 or MySQL tables to SQL Server. This approach allows it to achieve the maximum possible insertion speed.
  • Current migration tasks can be saved in a file and restored later. Thus you don’t need to specify all parameters from scratch when you are repeating the migration for a similar set of tables on the same servers.
  • Many tables can be migrated as a part of a single migration task. The target SQL Server database and schema can be specified only once for the whole task.
  • The SELECT statement, which reads the source data, can be edited. This allows fixing many common data migration problems such as incompatibilities in date ranges and number precision. It also makes it possible to perform a partial data migration when you need to move only the records modified after a particular moment of time.
  • A SQL Server table can have column names different from Oracle, DB2 or MySQL. This can occur, for example, when a source table column name happens to be a SQL Server keyword. the Migrator series products have a Column Mapping feature, which allows establishing a custom correspondence between Oracle, DB2 or MySQL and SQL Server columns if necessary.

DB Best Data Migrator products for moving to the cloud

The Migrator series of products provides a great way to move data to the cloud. The command line capability enables Continuous Integration (CI) and Deployment (CD) scenarios for moving data from on-premises to the cloud of your choice.

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