Overview of the Internet of Things technology

Internet of things (IoT) represents a network of physical devices, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, and sensors. These devices collect data, connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile connection, and exchange data with the main hub or between other IoT devices.

We can craft a secure and reliable IoT solution for any enterprise or industry from a smart home to a smart city.

We can leverage Bluetooth Low Energy tags, NFC solutions, iBeacons and other smart devices with multiple embedded sensors. We can also develop applications for wearable devices and Smart TVs, including Android TV and Apple tvOS. Our highly skilled development team can deliver an application for almost any smart platform.


DB Best has over 5 years of experience building IoT solutions. Over this period, we have worked on a number of interesting products, including:

  • Smart home, office, or even movie theaters
  • Dedicated event applications for exhibitions, summits, and other similar events
  • Wearable devices for healthcare, sports, and fitness
  • Connected cars for interaction-free rentals or integration with 3rd party services
  • Integrating mobile apps with smartwatches to increase capabilities
  • Integrating B2B products, as well as smart building shopping technologies
  • Bluetooth-powered systems with multiple intelligent sensors

Bluetooth application structure

Benefits and advantages of IoT apps

Ever dreamed of creating a smart device for your personal or business needs? We have rich experience in building smart gadgets from scratch, including developing firmware for your Arduino-based smart devices, as well as deploying the applications to control them.

Utilizing innovative Internet of Things technologies, we can build an automated system for your organization, mastering multiple wireless sensors, embedded systems, and smart devices.

With the number of connected devices rapidly growing, we can add real-time analytics and machine learning algorithms to your existing solution. Using these techniques, we can craft a business intelligence or advanced analytics solution for smart predictions or system monitoring with online alerts.

Wearable devices would not be considered “smart” without implementing appropriate applications. We provide application development services for the major wearable platforms, such as Apple Watch OS, Google Wear, and Tizen OS.

If you need to enhance the productivity of your existing mobile application, we can deliver a valuable application for any wearable platform. Keeping track of the latest industry trends, our Business Analysts will deliver the very best offer to meet your needs.


Staying on the cutting edge of modern technologies, the DB Best application development team constantly strives to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Watch the following video to see the examples of some state-of-the-art features we can add to your business app; be it a movie theater, a shopping mall, or any other space.

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Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing different life aspects by making homes and offices smarter while also providing insight into resource consumption habits, and streamlining business processes. The majority of our everyday routine tasks can be simplified and automated with an IoT infrastructure.

Regardless if you need to integrate a smart gadget into Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit ecosystem. We can make your device compatible with any modern smart home platform, considering their specific features.

IoT is so much more than a set of Internet-connected consumer devices. IoT grants access to opportunities you may not have thought you needed. Collecting tons of raw or even dark data from IoT devices today will lead to improved business decisions in the future.

Our extensive experience includes building smart gadgets from scratch and implementing Bluetooth-connected applications for iOS or Android to control your smart devices. We provide you with the full cycle development process which includes business analysts, project managers, designers, developers, and quality assurance engineers.

Getting started

Imagine having Smart TV’s around your business setting or event, as people walk near the TV, the TV displays personalized content based on the person’s profile. Our developers can make this a reality with our in-house Bluetooth LE tags to deliver the ultimate experience for connected applications when building real-time IoT systems. We’ve delivered a series of awesome applications that leverage this cool technology, for example, a car rental service, exhibitions, movie theater, and so on.

Check out some of our core IoT-related development services.

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Shaping the intelligent future now

Using our vast experience with Internet of Things technologies, we can deliver both hardware and software to meet your business goals and stay ahead of the competition.

We have a wide variety of devices for testing your applications on smartphones, tablets, and smart wearable gadgets.

Check out our blog to learn more about our past projects.

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