Attention: new rules for mobile applications

Apple and Google are setting new ground rules for mobile applications on the App Store and Google Play. This year will see the releases of iOS 12 and Android 9.0. That’s why both mobile behemoths are streamlining their platforms to prepare for future devices. With these changes, companies and developers are going to have to update their mobile apps or face a ban from these two major platforms.

However, there’s no need to panic. This inevitable app upgrade brings an opportunity to capture a wider audience and cement your leading position on the market.

From July 2018, Apple requires all apps support the iPhone X and iOS 11 in all new applications. With iPhone X new screen size and lack of a home button, Apple was forced to adapt to using gestures to allow users to navigate the device. So, the developers needed to update their applications to ensure that the notch blended in during use.

Also, Apple wants to make sure that all new apps are going to be complying with their 64-bit chips and Metal 1 & 2 graphics system. Apple wants to be sure that new apps will be able to catch up.

Google’s demands of developers are similar to Apple’s. By demanding the compatibility of all new applications with Android 8.0, Google ensures that all future apps meet a minimum threshold for what operating systems they support.

Much like Apple, the next version of Android heavily relies on the use of gestures and expects new apps to be able to accommodate.

This means that Google forces all new apps to be compatible with Android 8.0. Moreover, even some apps that already run on 8.0 will have to be upgraded to 9.0 to prepare for the changes.

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We got into mobile development in 2008 with the launch of the first iPhone to the market and never looked back. Very soon after that our mobile development team expanded into Android and Windows Mobile. Over the years we’ve published more than 350 various mobile apps on both the iOS App Store and Google Play store and the counter keep growing. We prefer to build native apps as they usually have a higher performance, but can also build a unified code with the cross-platform frameworks, like Unity and Xamarin. DB Best is proud to present a full cycle of design, development, and support of mobile apps to our customers.

Native vs. Hybrid Development

The DB Best expertise covers native, cross-platform, and hybrid mobile development. We’ve delivered quite a few projects using these approaches. So, our architects know it all about choosing the right application development platform considering the customer’s needs.

Native approach foresees the applications developed exclusively for iOS or Android mobile platforms in a native language. Thus, we go with Objective-C and Swift for Apple devices, and Java or Kotlin for Android. Apache Cordova or Ionic are technologies most frequently used to build Cross-platform applications today. As for the Hybrid type, React Native takes over the leadership here combining native and cross-platform features. Another widely applied technology is Flutter, an open-source SDK (software development kit) that serves for building high-fidelity apps for iOS and Android.

The main condition for making the right technological choice for your app is a clear vision of the solution. When you’ve got an idea about the platforms you want it to operate on, the functions set and the workload expected, your chances of picking a proper stack grow dramatically.

The comparison brought up in the table below will help you to take the right technological step for your business.


To find out more information on this topic, please, check out the corresponding blog post.

In-house R&D Lab

What makes DB Best distinguished in mobile development is our in-house R&D laboratory. DB Best’s commitment to raising in-house developmental skills resonates in the successful R&D projects that we have created. Our R&D lab is the perfect place for testing cutting-edge technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, Bluetooth LE tags, and voice and image recognition.

In addition to our comprehensive experience with modern technological solutions, we are happy to offer our customers a number of proven solutions, discovered by our developers, that can be easily implemented into your applications. This makes our application development estimates more attractive and decreases the time to release your app to the market.

Implementing social network integration with your application is the most effective way to increase customer awareness. Reaching out to billions of mobile users in Asia, we can integrate QQ, Weibo, and WeChat for authentication purposes into your mobile app.

As the profitable Chinese market becomes accessible to companies both large and small, we are fielding more and more requests from customers to build truly global applications. Development of these apps involves crafting a balancing strategy that both satisfies our customer’s goals as well as adheres to China’s stringent rules. Our global team took on this challenge and now we can leverage our unique knowledge of truly international app development and infrastructure.


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Application Analytics

The DB Best application development teams are committed to using the latest and greatest application analytics tools both for iOS and Android. With the powerful crash reporting Crashlytics solution you can get real-time reports on application crashes and quickly react to them. Crashlytics enables real-time analytics, providing you with deep and actionable insights on your application goals.

We also use Flurry Analytics to track your applications’ performance. Measuring and analyzing activity across your application portfolio, this tool helps you optimize your app experience.
All this means that you are sure to get the latest crash reports, as well as the most powerful analytics for DB Best-developed mobile applications on iOS and Android.


We regard our customers as peers who understand the cost of proficiency and timely delivery.

DB Best sees all partnerships as growing an idea, refining it with our expert advice, and employing best practices plus an array of relevant skills and techs in order to go beyond expectations with every implementation.

We’re obsessed with continuous education and lifelong learning, we enjoy the exhilarating experience of making our apps neat and cost-effective.

Our development portfolio ensures mastery of our craft and allows us to provide competent services to our customers in a cost-effective manner.

We are not afraid to work with legacy code, and will happily suggest our edits and solutions to an existing project, which may need some revision.

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