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MySQL and MariaDB are great open-source databases for most relational database workloads. Many of the customers we work with prefer MySQL, especially the developer teams, leveraging open-source tools for source control, container support, application performance management, etc. However, we work with many database administrator teams and we’ve seen some common threads of challenges that they face with MySQL deployments.

Application developer database deployment

MySQL is very easy to setup and get running. However, there are certain best practices that DBAs live and die by that developers often don't think about. A classic example is setting up a proper backup strategy and testing on a regular basis.

Our DBA team manages hundreds of production MySQL databases 24 x 7 x 365 for our customers. We’ve combined industry best practices along with our experience and wrapped them together with our DBMSys platform. DBMSys provides reports on which servers comply with these best practices or not so.

Not sure what databases should move to the cloud

Moving databases to a managed service like Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud is a great idea. However, how do you choose what should move based on your applications needs, and what will it cost?

Again, DBMSys comes to the rescue. DBMSys monitors your MySQL database performance using metrics like CPU, disk latency, network latency, memory usage, along with features used to quickly identify which of your databases are “cloud-ready” based on the different capabilities of Azure, AWS, and the Google Cloud.

DBMSys then creates a detailed report that recommends how you should deploy to the cloud and how much it will cost. Specifically, it can make recommendations to go with a virtual machine running the database platform, or used one of the managed services that are correctly sized based on actual usage.

Unable to integrate machine learning with MySQL

Oracle appears hesitant to add features like machine learning, graph traversal, and hybrid cloud into MySQL because it would compete with their Oracle Database offering. Why not consider migrating your MySQL database to SQL Server 2017?

We literally wrote the code for SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL. We know all of the best practices to help you migrate your databases that could benefit from the latest innovations with SQL Server 2017.

Once you’ve migrated over to SQL Server 2017, our team can provide your team with training on SQL Server 2017 designed so that your MySQL DBAs and developers will understand.

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Featured services for MySQL

Here is a sample of the services that we provide to customers like you to support your MySQL and MariaDB databases.

Migrating an Oracle Database to MySQL using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool

At DB Best Technologies, we have a 12-step process for migrating applications and databases to a different platform. We use the AWS Schema Conversion Tool for database schema conversion and application conversion/remediation steps when moving to AWS.

The video below demonstrates how to get started with the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to analyze the source Oracle database’s readiness for migrating to an Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for MySQL database using an online project.

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