Using Smart TV for connecting IoT devices

In today’s smart home, there are a variety of home devices, including different sensors, lighting, security systems, home media and more. A truly smart home is full of products that know your preferences, anticipate your needs and respond dynamically to your behavior. There’s no reason why your smart TV can’t be the main controller for all your household operations and unify them in a thoughtful, organized way.

In addition to traditional interaction using remote control and keyboard, accessing to smart TV can be done through the use of speech recognition technologies. Intuitive spoken interactions could help solve one of the industry’s most vexing problems in making content easier to find and enjoy.

What a personalized digital museum could look like with Samrt TV integration with personalized guess passes with embedded Bluetooth Low Energy Transmitors

Simplifying the control of smart devices

We at DB Best are focused on innovative TV experience by leveraging cutting-edge solutions that can turn your TV into a hub for a variety of household activities:

  • Display various visual data: viewing real-time status of home devices and sensors (video, audio, water, smoke, temperature, etc.)
  • Access content from other devices by using the smart TV as a home media server
  • Using TV as the user interface for IoT: the unified control point for Smart Home
  • Control various household operations: turning lights on and off, unlocking your door, operating your home appliances
  • Process data for low-performance devices: managing routine work, such as making morning coffee
  • Take control of your home security system: feed video from your home’s security cameras

Thanks to the latest industry advances in speech technology, the end-user can take advantage of voice commands to perform all these operations. Leveraging our hands-on experience in natural language processing, we can enable custom speech interactions that can simplify the control of many services and devices available within the home.

In addition to IoT applications, we can give your TV access to online entertainment content. We can develop applications for almost any existing smart TV platform, including Android TV and Apple tvOS, delivering online video streaming, games, and other multimedia experiences to the smart TVs of end-users.


We provide you with the full cycle development process which includes business analysis, project management, development, design, and quality assurance.

We have a wide variety of devices for testing your applications on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and smart wearable gadgets. We are simply the best people for the job.

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