Healthcare software for smartphones and wearable gadgets are among the most popular wearable applications. We have considerable experience in developing fitness tracking applications and leveraging other advanced features. For example, we’ve built a smart inhaler and delivered a set of connected applications for patients and medical staff to track patient behavior and usage.

Going beyond classic smartwatches based on Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Samsung Gear series on Tizen OS, we can integrate your application with the most popular fitness trackers and sports watches.

Stay connected and updated with a glance at your wrist! Ever dreamed of expanding the possibilities of your mobile application? We can deliver an app for wearable tech to engage even more customers, just like we did for the ‘movie theater of the future’ application.

You should never underestimate Bluetooth headsets, including smart assistants such as Sony Xperia Ear, as they have an approximate 40% market share. We can implement advanced voice-recognition features so that you can control connected devices with just your voice.

We also have experience building virtual reality applications that leverage an innovative voice control system. With DB Best’s applications, you don’t need to take off your VR headset every time you need to change settings or switch to another level in the game. We can also combine virtual and augmented reality to deliver an unprecedented user experience.


Latest trends

The smart garment is one of the latest trends in wearable tech, with a fivefold market share rise over the last year. Staying on the cutting edge of the latest technology trends, DB Best has delivered a smart wearable corset for scoliosis correction. We can also integrate specific healthcare sensors in your apparel and deliver a set of mobile applications to interact with the smart wearable garment.

Smart glasses are becoming a common enterprise solution for employee training programs, improving productivity and providing guidance for even the most difficult operations. We can deliver applications for smart glasses and their connected devices to meet your business needs.

Be sure to check out the cool virtual reality movement detection and voice control technologies that we implemented in one of the projects from our R&D lab.

Wireless payments are also among the latest industry trends for wearable devices. Our expertise covers integrating wireless payments via your Apple Watch or Samsung Gear devices.

DB Best ensures we don’t neglect security features: following strict compliance with the latest industry standards. You can trust us to deliver the ultimate wearable application for your gadget!


Wearable tech can improve any sphere of a customer’s everyday life. We do our best to deliver an unprecedented experience for every customer and every user of the app.

DB Best developers are platform-agnostic and can deliver an application for any type of wearable, from an Apple Watch and Android Wear to specific healthcare devices which need to meet HIPAA standards.

Taking full advantage of our in-house line of Bluetooth LE products, we can create customized smart wearable devices from scratch in a reasonable amount of time.

We also provide the full application and product development life cycle and can deliver an application for your existing wearable device, or even build the firmware for the smart gadget of your dreams.

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