webinar: Webinar: Save up to 60% by upgrading to SQL Server 2017

Running on an older version of SQL Server and worried about not meeting compliance or falling out of support? We’ve seen that around 60% of existing SQL Server databases are running on versions of SQL Server that are out of support or extended support.


Upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server not only ensures you can take advantage of Microsoft support, but it’s also an opportunity to save money and reduce server hardware resource requirements. Consolidating multiple SQL Server 2008 databases into fewer SQL Server 2017 databases means faster performance, lower hardware needs, and reduced licensing costs.


DB Best has the people, products, and processes to programatically upgrade your old SQL Server databases while simultaneously reducing costs through consolidation and smart resource management.


In this webinar recording, you will learn how to reduce your hardware and licensing costs by consolidating database and resources. Also, you’ll learn how DB Best can dramatically lower your risk and cost of upgrading your databases and servers to SQL Server 2017 in your data center or on Azure.

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